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We would like to welcome Alexander's Trading Post located in Reedsport, OR. They can order any of our products for your fishing needs. It's a great store and must stop by with some good fishing stories to tell.  

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WELCOME TO Black Pug Lures!

Custom handmade spinning lures, trolling lures, shad darts, marabou jigs, soft plastic and casting spoons for your fishing needs. We take pride in our lures with a customer satisfaction policy.

Black Pug Long Lures are a top quality fishing lure that is made with top quality components parts. They are made to last and they will catch any type of fish. With their heavy weight bodies, you have the ability to cast a long ways from shore or just troll with them. Black Pug salmon spinners work great on the Coho Salmon or Silver Salmon, King Salmon or Chinook Salmon and trout. Black Pug's salmon spinners work best on Silver or Coho salmon. Our salmon spinners also catch Kings or Chinook Salmon too on the Oregon's west coast. Give them a try!

Black Pug Casting Spoons is a thick spoon that is also great for casting from shore. These spoons have a powder paint applied for long lasting color. I started installing some of the spoons with a squid or a skirt, in the fall of 2006. Black Pug salmon spoons also worked great at Pyramid Lake, Nevada. A high desert, large lake, famous for its Lahotton Cutthroat Trout. The Black Pug salmon spoon's also have worked great on the Chinook Salmon here in Coos Bay and Winchester Bay Oregon.

Black Pug Bell Lures are painted with vinyl paint. Great for casting from shore. The
Bell Lures are popular for using in the rivers. We are starting to install eye's on the
Bell Lures body.

Black Pug Trolling Lures work very good for trolling for the Coho in the ocean. just put a piece of herring on the hook and hang on. Hot Pink w/wquid and Holo Pink w/squid work the best.

Please visit our site or our facebook page for NEW PRODUCT up dates. We are here to please our customers.


Here is a comment that was posted on my website on 06/13/2012. I thought I would share this with you. This is why we make fishing lures that catch fish and not fisherman. Black Pug Lures are dedicated to have set high standards for the fishermen and fisherwomen and help you to catch a lot of fish.

Comments: "Just wanted to say that I'm lucky to have went into this small store before going to fish at Pyramid lake north of Reno,Nv. That is the first  time I saw your lures. My friend said how good they are, he was correct. From your web site these are the casting spoons for trout. They are my new go to lures because they catch fish. Pyramid Lake is the home of the Lahonton cutthroat trout that can get up to 20lbs and bigger. The largest I got was 26" 6lbs on your spoon, can't give away the color. Great action, beats out other big name spoons by far. Thanks for doing your homework and making a good product. Now that I have your web site I will be placing an order later for this fall". Thanks,Mark.



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